Using Landing Page Video Production for Marketing

Top marketers are now seeing the power of video landing pages in prompting people to take action—for example, to buy a product or sign up for a newsletter. The video is typically embedded using a standalone player (Vimeo or YouTube) alongside images and HMTL text. There are many marketing benefits to using video landing pages. Here are some of them:

  1. Videos can make complicated products and ideas more accessible. If you want to promote a rather complex technical product (such as a financial service) or a complicated idea (such as global warming), you can use a video landing page. It’s an excellent way to cover details and explain concepts in a short period of time. Because of their visual and auditory nature, videos can explain concepts much faster and more effectively than text ever could.

    2. Videos are entertaining. People have always responded more positively to emotional cues. By entertaining your prospects, you are actively engaging them and increasing conversion rates. If you want to grab and sustain the attention of your audience, video is the way to go.

    3. Videos can function as your ‘offer.’ Your prospects are likely to respond positively to a video that truly provides them genuine value. As long as your video landing page accomplishes this, you can get viewers to convert while reinforcing your brand’s value in their minds.

To make sure that your video landing page is a success, work with a reliable production company. Some of the best and largest explainer video producers can help you through the entire process—from writing your script to the creation of the storyboard, and on to recording the voice over and rendering the graphics and animation. They can also provide you a dedicated project manager so you get the individualized attention you deserve.

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