How Animated Marketing Videos Refresh your Mind

How do animated marketing videos refresh the mind? There are many different ways. Animated marketing videos tend to be to the point, snappy, and very memorable. They are intended to provoke a certain reaction, draw out a certain emotion, or influence you to do something (such as buying a product, subscribing to a blog, or buying a service).

But just why are animated marketing videos so popular? They’ve taken the internet by storm, and now it seems like everyone is using animated videos. By the end of this post, you’ll know why. You’ll also want to get in on the action and try them for your own marketing strategy.

The biggest thing about a video is that it tells a story. Everyone loves a good story. Having pictures and fancy graphics on your site or Power Point is all fine and dandy, but a video is something that really draws the reader in to what you have to say. According to Internet Retailer, thanks to video, surfers online are 52% likelier than readers of text to click, act, and buy online.

That’s a huge number.
Another big thing about video is that people tend to remember the story. Ask someone what they read about on last Sunday’s paper and they probably can’t answer you. Ask them again about the movie they saw last week and they’ll probably tell you about the whole thing from start to finish.

Video is compelling. It grabs your audience’s attention. It’s just plain powerful.

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