Video Animation for Business – A Look into the Online Market

Why are cartoons still popular these days? They’ve gone from the classic drawings to 3D animation but they still capture the hearts of young and old alike. What’s the secret behind the colorful (if not in grayscale because some are) movies and TV series that generations have loved and still follow to this day?

Different cultures have their own take on animation, but it has not lessened its popularity everywhere. Because of their huge following and reliability in catching the attention of the viewing public, companies and businesses have picked up the idea of using cartoons or animated clips/short films to advertise. No actors, actresses or directors needed to make it interesting. All they need are animation companies to do the tedious work for them and before you know it, the person sitting beside you in the train is humming your jingle.

Buying airtime for your animated TV commercial can be totally expensive. If you’re still starting out your business venture, this might not be a wise route for you. The more airtime during those peak hours, the more viewers you cover, the more expensive it gets.

So how else can you let the world or at least your country views your animated advertisement? You could post your clip on websites and automatically playing it as soon as anyone clicks on these sites. Social media sites can advertise it, too. It can also be picked up by netizens who will post, tweet, share and comment on it a thousand times to make it go viral.

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