Effective Sales Presentation Video Skills

Promotional marketing videos are the new hype of businesses—be it physical or online. Videos have the potential to go viral and to engage the viewers—making it easier for companies to gain audiences even with less promotional efforts. With this comes greater demands for video producers, editors, and animators specializing on marketing and infographic videos. If you want to keep up with this trend, you must improve your video creation skills and learn how your videos can be seen by search engines.

What skills should I have to create an effective sales presentation video?

The making video presentation can be complicated. Aside from the fact that you need high-end gears to create high- quality videos, you also need a video production team including a script writer and props man. It can be costly, demanding, and time consuming. Good thing, camera equipment prices are now dropping significantly, paving way for newbie video producers to buy and use them. And of course, let’s not forget the significant number of editing software that enables to you to create videos even without the entire production team. All you need to do is to learn how these video editing software works.

The Rule of Thirds

You might know this already, but to those who are new to shooting videos especially for the purpose of making a promotional ad, the rule of thirds is essential. This is the technique where you draw the viewer’s eye toward the subject. The standard anchor point in this rule is at the top left corner of the entire shot. This is where most people dwell their eyes on when watching a video. With this, it is easier for viewers to “read” what they are watching.


Corporate Video Presentation Creates a Strong Brand

Looking back few years ago, advertisements would only concentrate on billboards, newspapers, radios, televisions, and flyers. But all of these became underdogs with emergence of the Internet. Here, social media sites and high-speed search engines were born paving way for businessmen to easily promote their products and services. One of the best tools companies use to gain instant popularity with the help of the Internet is a corporate video presentation.

How important is a video marketing campaign for your business?

The creation of television generated different shows of all varieties. And until today, TV programs and movies are still on trend. This only proves that moving pictures have the power to easily catch viewer’s attention and retain in his/her mind what has been shown. That is the nature of a video and that is how a corporate video presentation can help you create a strong brand. The key is to get your audience’s attention. And a powerful short video clip can make wonders.

People nowadays don’t read that much. We’d rather skim-read and look for something more entertaining. In about few years, people will not even take three seconds of their time to read texts. Everything will be presented on videos—even directions and street signs.

Videos can go viral

Viral videos are interesting, intriguing, moving, and thought-provoking. It is capable of engaging people, evoking empathy, and gaining instant reactions from the viewers. And especially if posted on popular social media sites, videos can spread like wild fire. Next thing you know it, your brand has been popularized with only few marketing efforts.

Social Media Videos Make an Impact at Your Trade Show

During trade shows, start-ups, big and small companies are all at their best. Everyone is busy, tense, and is eager to get the crowd flocking to their booths. Everyone has gimmicks and tricks ready to attract would-be customers. With the hype of the activities and every booth seeking for attention, it would be hard to stand out and get the crowd pouring in to your booth. It is hard work, but it is not something to fret about. Thinking of an extra scheme to boost audience? Using social media videos can be a perfect option.

Social media is a place where people hang around and connect with each other. In the past few years, there had been a lot of companies who were sending out their invites and updates on famous social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. They would post invites, schedule of activities and updates prior to the event. Then during the event, they would get their followers updated by posting pictures and videos of the event itself.

The response of such events is great. Even you will get to experience the event itself and have the chance to meet your market personally talk to them, and get insights from them on how to improve your products and services. And even though some of your invitees could not attend, you can further connect to them by sharing what happened, through another video. In fact, in this process you will get more number of viewers and your message will reach far of destinations that you might not even have imagined. Try it. It might work wonders for your company.

Make 3D Product Video to Make Money

3D product videos abound websites these days and for a good reason. Not only do they attract traffic but they also increase conversion rates. Yes! You read it right. These videos help websites increase their conversion rate not only by a few percentage but by as much as twice their regular conversions. Now, how could a simple video presentation help you get better sales and bring more customers to your website? Read on to find out.

First of all, videos are very engaging. Most of the time people are more likely to click on a video advertisement compared to a written ad. Another factor is empathy. People are more likely to relate to a short movie than an article. If you can get the right script and the right emotion, then you can easily win the hearts of your customers. Nothing is more powerful than getting your customers’ emotion. The more you get your customers to relate to your 3d product video presentation, more are the chances of having them purchase your product.

Company product videos also increasing your website’s page rank. As time progresses, more and more people will visit your website turning them into potential customers. Because short 3D video product advertisements are easy to share, getting them across social media sites will be effortless. In fact you won’t have to do anything at all. Just let the web surfers promote your business for you through Facebook’s likes and shares, Twitter’s retweets, and Pinterest’s pins.

Just as with other internet campaigns, 3D product video is a traffic generating tool that is cost effective, timely, and has a high conversion rate.

Video for Business: The Video Marketing Advantage

Video marketing provides your business unique capabilities to connect with visitors and transform them into customers. Successfully integrating video into your overall online strategy not only upgrades your approach and keep you with the times, but also make you more memorable in the eyes of your consumers and target audiences. Why should you invest in a video? Here are some compelling reasons:

• Video marketing expands your reach. You can harness the power of the free traffic sources and take advantage of long-term impacts, with the help of its enormous channels, especially when it comes to your web rankings and acquired viewership. Whether you choose to create a single video short or a series of explainer demos, you are laying an important ground for a strong following, which can further be expanded through the power of social media.

• A Video is a flexible medium that can help you tell your company’s story, promote a product or service, send a message, and even bring your consumer’s testimonials to life. Video testimonials are among the most efficient types of online videos, as they reassure other potential customers about the caliber of your business. They are also a lot more convincing and personable than their written versions.

• A Video is a lot more powerful than written content because they inject a unique personality into your brand and bring life to your messages. These are the types of things that help target your audiences on more personal and emotional levels. Written website copies often come off as sterile and boring, but videos create excitement and stir up all sorts of emotions that make your brand more interesting and engaging.

• Video marketing also offers great SEO advantages, especially now that search engines take into account video content and how web users interact with them. In fact, a video appears in at least 70% of top 100 search listings.

The Wonders of Corporate Overview Video

People typically retain more information when they see and hear something than when they merely read it from a textbook or a corporate manual. Videos can deliver information about your company in a precise and easier way. Hence, it makes sense to produce a high-quality corporate overview video for new employees who need to be acquainted with your company’s vision and policies. Existing employees can also learn more about new products and announcements when you show them an overview video. A corporate overview video can likewise be useful when promoting your company or your cause to investors. It can be a great way to introduce them to your company and tell them about your products.

A good video establishes your image and expresses the personality or culture of your company in a creative and enticing way. Corporate overview videos can be animated in either 2D or 3D.

Viewers are more likely to be engaged by moving pictures than walls of text. The graphics, characters, choice in voice actors, and a script can be tailored to a specific audience, so you can customize corporate overview videos to new or existing employees, as well as to investors.

A corporate overview and promotional video for investors can help deliver key messages about your business, enhance their intent to invest in your company or product, and engage more prospects. Animated videos can help you demonstrate products and services in a more enticing manner while enabling you to take advantage of various marketing channels. The videos can distinguish you from your competition, too, especially if you want to make a proposition.

It is easier and more affordable to produce animated videos than live action clips. Some animated video production companies have a short turnaround time, which is usually at four to six weeks. Look for an animation studio that specializes in making videos for businesses, so you can be sure that they can easily understand your needs for wanting to produce a video for new and existing employees or for investors.

Promote Sales Conversions with Video SEO Services

Online videos are without a doubt, among the most powerful marketing tools in existence today. However, producing a well-made short or video content is not enough to ensure favorable results from your latest campaign strategy. You need expert video marketing to optimize your multimedia content for search engine traffic and rankings. Without proper optimization, you may not be able to see and realize the full benefit of a well-rounded video marketing scheme. Here are reasons why Video SEO is important and why you should consider hiring a professional service to help you with it:

• As of late, the majority (62% to be exact) of universal searches in Google include video. This is according to Marketingland and it suggests that any search you make on the engine will likely return some sort of video content early in the results. To support this finding, a study by Forrester Research also states that video is 50 times more likely to get high organic page ranks in Google than plain text content. With major search engines placing great emphasis on video (even favoring them over other types of content by placing them higher on SERPs), companies that don’t optimize their video content around the key terms they are targeting are missing out a lot on potential views and leads. This is the kind of missed opportunity that your competitors can easily take advantage of.

• Video search results also have a higher click through rates than plain text results, according to multiple studies. Video therefore does more than help your website and content rank, but provides you with more leads, which translate to more traffic to your website, greater awareness about your brand, and more sales for your bottom line.

• Not only are people compelled to click through your website—they are also forced to stay at least two minutes longer on your landing page especially when your video is engaging enough. With the help of a professional VSEO service, you can get more bang for your video marketing buck as they help you navigate how to make your videos rank better.

Infographic Videos for Effective Promotion of Your Business

Infographics and videos are the latest trends to hit the online marketing world. Marketers today are beginning to marry the two powerhouses together to create even more powerful content in the form of infographic videos. With visual media taking center stage online, it is not surprising why internet trends are leaning towards their use. People now demand content that is not only embellished with graphics, but with pictures and sounds that they won’t have to strain their eyes to decipher. They preferred light reading and illustrated content with colorful element that sparks their interest. Combine these with all the good stuff that makes up a good video ad, and you have an extremely powerful visual tool that can help you strengthen your web presence, enhance your website traffic, and drive sales.

Infographics and videos are strong and appealing instruments by themselves. Infographics, for instance help present otherwise tedious data like figures, statistics, and facts in a more visually pleasing and less intimidating manner. Videos on the other hand have the unique capability to influence emotions and channel multiple senses. Together, they create an unstoppable force that can easily go viral and enhance your overall marketing strategy.

Video infographics are a fruit of the ever-changing demands of internet users and the continued efforts of online marketers to appease consumers. But if your infographics and videos are working well for your business in and by themselves, why then should you bother with an infographic video?—the simple answer is because it is so much more powerful than a simple video or a well-made infographic in that they combine all the strong elements of each marketing device. They are more accessible for mobile users, and they create a more interesting presentation of your marketing concepts, displayed in a unique amalgamation of images, texts, graphics, video, and sound.

Hire a Custom Video Maker to Create Successful Online Videos

Explainer videos are the hottest trend in online marketing today because people prefer more convenient means to digest information offered to them by companies. If you want to get the word out for your latest product or service, it is best to hire a custom video maker to help you produce powerful video content for your website. While there are many ways to pursue video production on your, professional video marketers can help you save a great deal of time and money from errors and other drawbacks that you might experience as you try DIY your video. Here are reasons why you should hire rather than DIY:

• There is a great learning curve for producing successful online videos. Not only do you need the technical know-how, you also have to come up with a sensible script and storyboard that will effectively explain your business and communicate your message to your target audiences. Trying to do all of these by you can result in a great deal of time and money wasted, learning the ropes of video production and marketing.

• A professional custom video maker can provide you the advantage of experience and background not only in video production, but also in digital marketing—which plays a huge part in creating a successful video campaign. A well-made explainer piece isn’t the only thing that makes up a good video marketing strategy. You also need to lay the groundwork for the video’s distribution to make sure it can reach as many target users as it can.

• Finally, your custom video maker can provide valuable insight as to the types of graphics, images, and visual effects you should use, as well as the most effective sound and scripting elements your video needs to make it share-worthy and make it go viral.