Effective Sales Presentation Video Skills

Promotional marketing videos are the new hype of businesses—be it physical or online. Videos have the potential to go viral and to engage the viewers—making it easier for companies to gain audiences even with less promotional efforts. With this comes greater demands for video producers, editors, and animators specializing on marketing and infographic videos. If you want to keep up with this trend, you must improve your video creation skills and learn how your videos can be seen by search engines.

What skills should I have to create an effective sales presentation video?

The making video presentation can be complicated. Aside from the fact that you need high-end gears to create high- quality videos, you also need a video production team including a script writer and props man. It can be costly, demanding, and time consuming. Good thing, camera equipment prices are now dropping significantly, paving way for newbie video producers to buy and use them. And of course, let’s not forget the significant number of editing software that enables to you to create videos even without the entire production team. All you need to do is to learn how these video editing software works.

The Rule of Thirds

You might know this already, but to those who are new to shooting videos especially for the purpose of making a promotional ad, the rule of thirds is essential. This is the technique where you draw the viewer’s eye toward the subject. The standard anchor point in this rule is at the top left corner of the entire shot. This is where most people dwell their eyes on when watching a video. With this, it is easier for viewers to “read” what they are watching.

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