Promote Sales Conversions with Video SEO Services

Online videos are without a doubt, among the most powerful marketing tools in existence today. However, producing a well-made short or video content is not enough to ensure favorable results from your latest campaign strategy. You need expert video marketing to optimize your multimedia content for search engine traffic and rankings. Without proper optimization, you may not be able to see and realize the full benefit of a well-rounded video marketing scheme. Here are reasons why Video SEO is important and why you should consider hiring a professional service to help you with it:

• As of late, the majority (62% to be exact) of universal searches in Google include video. This is according to Marketingland and it suggests that any search you make on the engine will likely return some sort of video content early in the results. To support this finding, a study by Forrester Research also states that video is 50 times more likely to get high organic page ranks in Google than plain text content. With major search engines placing great emphasis on video (even favoring them over other types of content by placing them higher on SERPs), companies that don’t optimize their video content around the key terms they are targeting are missing out a lot on potential views and leads. This is the kind of missed opportunity that your competitors can easily take advantage of.

• Video search results also have a higher click through rates than plain text results, according to multiple studies. Video therefore does more than help your website and content rank, but provides you with more leads, which translate to more traffic to your website, greater awareness about your brand, and more sales for your bottom line.

• Not only are people compelled to click through your website—they are also forced to stay at least two minutes longer on your landing page especially when your video is engaging enough. With the help of a professional VSEO service, you can get more bang for your video marketing buck as they help you navigate how to make your videos rank better.

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