Social Media Videos to Make an Impact at Your Trade Show

Social media has helped many businesses expand their reach and target their audiences better. It has helped raise awareness and entice people to take action countless times. This is why social media is an excellent platform for letting people knows that you are participating in a trade show and that they should go see your business there. Social media videos can be quick and an effective way to provide information about your products and services, and share more details about the trade show. As a marketer who is up to date with the latest promotional methods, you should take advantage of social media to make sure that you can make an impact in your upcoming trade show.

It will be easier for your target audience to find industry trends, network, discover new products and services, and learn specific information through social media. A promotional video can be created in anticipation for your next trade show and posted on your page or your YouTube account. The video can be used to convey a message and information about your products and services in a precise and entertaining way. You can also invite viewers to come see you in the trade show if they wish to try your product or learn more about your service.

Social media videos can provide real time information to viewers about the trade show and what they would be missing if they fail to attend. You can tag your social media video to make it more visible, too. Just be sure to use relevant tags that pertain to the trade show, so even the organizers can see your video posts and share it to their followers.

If your trade show is within a few months from now, consider hiring a video production company that specializes in creating high-quality animated social media videos. Animated clips are easy and cost-effective ways to deliver and share the information in a few seconds. Animation can attract viewers of all ages, too.


Small Business Videos to Jump Start your Business

Animated videos enable small businesses to introduce its products or services to its target audience without investing too much money. Small businesses often have to compete with bigger brands using a limited marketing budget, but they can succeed and gain a competitive edge with high-quality promotional videos. Animated videos in particular can become powerful marketing tools in helping small businesses market their products, services, and brand.

Animated videos can help you promote your business online, too. They can jumpstart your viral video marketing campaign and boost click-through rates by up to 80-percent. Around 70-percent of people who watch animated promotional videos online consider sharing it to their friends via social media. With an entertaining and well-made cartoon, your content can go viral and your business can expand its reach much faster.

When combined with good search engine optimization, animated videos can help boost your search engine ranking by up to 60 percent. YouTube belongs to Google, so if your video is in that website (as well as in other video sharing sites like Dailymotion and Vimeo), you can increase your search engine profile. A high-quality animated promotional video can also entice more people to see your content.

Studies show that around 70 to 85 percent of people who watch animated promotional videos are likely to purchase a product or express further interest with what they have seen. This is because videos can deliver information in a more enticing way than text. People are more likely to remember things that they watch compared to what they read. An animated video can make a person stay 1.5 minutes longer on a website, too. This is a good chance for you to grab a viewer’s attention and express your message using a creative and entertaining mix of animated images and high-quality audio.

Selecting the Right 2D Animation Studio

Animation is not merely for kids. Many businesses are already using it for commercial and marketing purposes—especially 2D animation. This type of animation has a timeless aesthetic appeal and can be a straightforward, creative, entertaining, and fun way to entice your audience to pay attention and know more about your product or service. It’s time you thought about adding 2D animated promotional videos into your marketing mix. Just be sure to choose the right 2D animation studio to help you out.

Choose a video production company that specializes in animated videos in particular. Explore their portfolio and see the work that they have done for other businesses. A good 2D animation company should be flexible and capable of working with a wide range of clients. You have to be able to rely on them to produce an animation bit for your specific purpose—whether to share on social media, to explain how a product works, to tell a story, to use in corporate presentations or sales conventions, or to use on your landing pages. Be sure to watch some of the videos they have made so you can get an idea of what type of work you can expect from them.

Don’t forget to ask about the production process of the 2D animation studio. The company should not be afraid to disclose their procedure. They should not exclude you from the production process, either. A leading animation studio uses a streamlined production process that minimizes turnaround time while making sure that clients are completely involved in all stages of production.

Make sure that the 2D animation studio can deliver the finished product fast. A good turnaround time should be four to six weeks. Be sure to get everything in writing, so you have proof of the studio’s guarantee to deliver a high-quality animated video promptly and at the right price.

Promotional Videos Creates a Strong Brand

Promotional videos are teasers that can be informative and effective in enticing people to learn more about a product or service or encourage them to try it. These videos are typically short—usually lasting only three to five minutes—but they can explain your product or service in a stylized, fast-paced, and clear manner through high-quality sound and visuals. Animations are among the most effective types of promotional videos.

The most successful companies in the world use promotional videos as part of their marketing strategy. The videos can initiate a communication process between the consumer and the business, and help convey important messages to the target audience. Hence, promotional videos are often used for marketing and sales presentations, website videos, and for making sales pitches that aim to turn audiences into customers.

With proper planning and execution, promotional videos can be part of an effective branding strategy. Hire professional video production companies to ensure the highest-quality promotional video for your business. Have an animated promotional video made if you are looking for something more unique and affordable, but equally effective (if not more effective). Animated promotional videos are much faster to create. They also provide an effective way to tell people about your products and make your brand more memorable.

A professional animation video production company has its team of expert writers, animators, and artists that will create the right promotional material for your business. These experts will create your video with your target audience in mind, ensuring that every aspect of it appeals to your audience’s demographics. You can post the videos in your website or upload it in social media, so more people can view and share it. Professional animators follow a streamlined method to ensure your involvement in all stages of production and to minimize turnaround time. Some of the best video production companies can deliver the finished product to you in four to six weeks.

Make a Product Video to Increase Sales

If your business website isn’t using product videos, you are missing out on sales and losing potential consumers to competitors who have embraced video marketing early on. Video has become enormously popular over the last couple of years not only in the context of entertainment but more so in sales and marketing. Now an extremely powerful promotional tool, it would be a huge mistake for any online retailer to ignore the video in their repertoire of marketing strategies. Here are ways product videos help increase your sales:

• Many studies prove that Google structures search results to prioritize websites that use video. Additionally, because the engine displays a carefully blended results mix (searches return a combination of video, news, images, maps, business listings, and other types of content in addition to ordinary search results), properly optimized videos have a greater chance of ranking high in SERPs.

• People are more than twice as likely to share video content as boring, text-filled pages. They also notice video more than other types of content because videos with multimedia content are perceived as highly engaging. Because people are more compelled to hear what you have to say through video, they are more likely to follow through with an action that ultimately leads to increased sales and conversions.

• Videos are a lot easier to digest than long website copies. They are the best way to engage audiences who may otherwise dismiss the information relayed to them by static means. This is because moving images combined with spoken word and sounds have the ability to provide more comprehensible information than any website copy does.

Product videos help you strengthen your brand and make you more recognizable in the eyes of your consumers. A strong brand is a major element of a strong, successful, and profitable online business.

Impress Your Clients with Business Presentation Video

Are you still using PowerPoint presentations? Then you might be boring your potential clients. This outdated method of showing concepts and ideas may result in lower audience engagement and failure to get the message across. If you truly want to get and hold attention, try using a business presentation video. Aside from being much more entertaining than a PowerPoint bit, a video can also more effectively communicate concepts and ideas about your business to your clients for just a few minutes.

A business video presentation can be a more creative, entertaining, and fun way to share your points and make sure that your audiences can easily your message long after the meeting is over. Animated corporate presentations can also be a more efficient alternative to regular PowerPoint presentations because you can simply play them—you don’t need to do the talking yourself. Having a well-made and professional-looking s presentation video likewise shows clients that you mean business.

It is important to hire an experienced and skilled video production company if you want to produce a high-quality and effective corporate presentation video that will effectively sell your message or idea. Some of the best video production companies specialize in animation, which can be a quicker, reasonably priced, and more effective way to promote any business. The animation is for all ages, so even adults and professionals enjoy it. Moreover, animation lets the viewer see a fun and creative aspect of your company.

The best video production companies will create an animated business presentation video that is based on your goals. Video production companies have their team of talented animators and illustrators to make your animated presentation video unique. The result is a great video that will make your meetings more successful through engrossing images with high-quality voice acting and rhythmic music.

Get Much More Business Exposure by Creating A Promotional Video

If you want an effective way to expand your business and get more clients, you should consider producing a promotional video as a marketing strategy. In the age of shorter attention spans, videos have been proven to be the superior means to get a message to multiple audiences in just a few minutes (or even in a few seconds). Successful businesses are aware of the advantages of using a promotional video to tell people about their products and services as well as expose their brand to more consumers.

While people want information, they don’t have the time to read lengthy explanations in text form. It takes more effort to read and understand written words—and it is infinitely easier to gain and remember information from a well-produced promotional video. A well-made video condenses the most important ideas in just a minute or two. Studies show that combining moving images with high-quality sound encourages the mind to comprehend better a message or an idea. Watching videos lets your viewers retain much more information compared to what they would remember if they read a wall of text.

Video production companies can create an animated promotional video for your company based on marketing goals and your budget. Animated videos are enticing because they are colorful and fun to watch. They are relatively affordable too. Once your video is finished, you can post it on your website and share it on your social media pages. Promotional videos can be optimized to improve your search engine ranking, so your company can gain instant exposure to more potential buyers who might be looking for your product and services through Google. To increase exposure even more, post your video on Youtube, with an optimized title and description.

Explanatory Videos Effectively Convey Ideas to End Users

Explainer videos are an efficient and entertaining way to explain an idea or concept to target audiences. Otherwise called explanatory videos, an explainer video is a form of web content that involves visual representation of concepts and business ideas that may be too complex or difficult to explain through text. They are also great tools to make content that is not as engaging in static written form into something that people will want to watch. Whether you choose to use live film or animation, explanatory videos are awesome additions to any website as they incorporate brand-specific images that can enhance your website’s engagement value.

An explainer video can be used to promote a particular product or service or to introduce your company in general. Many companies also opt to use a series of several explainer videos to explain different aspects of their business or capture another angle of their business concept that a more generic explainer isn’t able to touch upon. These products help provide a consistent face for your brand while also helping you create an informative medium that they can refer to for details about your products and services. Explainer videos have worked greatly for companies in the past, improving their consumer engagement immensely, while promoting brand loyalty.

Explanatory videos help break the ice between you and your consumers. They provide a positive experience for people who visit your site, setting a welcoming tone that compels them to stay for more. Text-filled homepages are huge traffic-repellants. Not only are they an eye sore to visitors, they also convey additional work—something that consumers avoid when they can. With an introductory video that explains who you are and what your business is all about, you create less work for your visitors and spoon feed to them all the vital information they need to subscribe to your business.

Enhancing Your Growth by Hiring Top Animation Companies

There are many different ways to promote your business or tell people about your products and services. Advertising is one of the conventional ways to do this. You can either choose to produce a commercial, a promotional video, or a short animated feature. Go for animation if you want to stand out. The most successful companies in the world have used animation to promote a product or service, or to educate people about an idea.

Big brands seek help from top animation companies to produce animated videos for social media, product demos, instruction, sales, corporate presentations, app demos, and many more. When used properly, animated videos can be a powerful marketing tool that can attract more customers and improve your search engine ranking.

There are many advantages to hiring a top animation company to create videos for your business. Animated videos can educate and explain concepts and ideas in a more entertaining and enticing way. Hence, your message will become more memorable and will encourage the viewers to follow through—that is, purchase your product or sign up for your service. This is also a reason animated videos may be used to promote a cause or encourage people of all ages to act on something.

Reputable animation companies can finish an animated video in about four to six weeks, which is much faster than producing a live action commercial. You can be sure that your visual material is ready to be posted and shared online within a matter of weeks. Producing an animated promotional video can be cheaper than funding a conventional TV commercial, which will require actors and high-end filming equipment. Animation experts involve you in the production process, too, so you can be sure that the video is made to suit your goals.

A Detailed Look at Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short, straightforward, and to the point online marketing videos that do exactly as their name suggest—explain details about a company, product, or service (as shown in the given below video) in a clear and often entertaining manner.

They are commonly placed on a website’s home page or a specific landing page, and sometimes on a prominent product page. Some websites report enhanced conversion rates by as much as 144% after placing an explainer video on their prominent pages—this is already great evidence to the fantastic benefits of these marketing tools.

There are several types of explainer videos that you can use for your next marketing campaign. The most popular type of explainer video is animation. It is the preferred format for explaining products and services that are usually intangible, such as software. They are also effective in explaining product concepts, which makes them popular with startups when pitching ideas to investors. They are ideal for products and services that involve physical objects or any other elements that make live action quite an unrealistic or impractical option. Animated explainer videos leave great room for creativity and they are a lot easier to update or edit when needed, such as when there are changes in the product or service offering.

Other types of explainer videos include live action/non-animated videos that work much like television commercials. Numerous live action explainer videos have become viral and wildly popular in the last couple of years, such as The PooPourri and Dollar Shave Club videos. These videos are best for companies who want to demonstrate and sell physical products and people-oriented services. Whiteboard explainer videos are also great examples of an effective explainer campaign. They involve animations that are hand drawn and then erased on an actual whiteboard. They are particularly popular because of their ease of production and low-budget nature.