Make a Product Video to Increase Sales

If your business website isn’t using product videos, you are missing out on sales and losing potential consumers to competitors who have embraced video marketing early on. Video has become enormously popular over the last couple of years not only in the context of entertainment but more so in sales and marketing. Now an extremely powerful promotional tool, it would be a huge mistake for any online retailer to ignore the video in their repertoire of marketing strategies. Here are ways product videos help increase your sales:

• Many studies prove that Google structures search results to prioritize websites that use video. Additionally, because the engine displays a carefully blended results mix (searches return a combination of video, news, images, maps, business listings, and other types of content in addition to ordinary search results), properly optimized videos have a greater chance of ranking high in SERPs.

• People are more than twice as likely to share video content as boring, text-filled pages. They also notice video more than other types of content because videos with multimedia content are perceived as highly engaging. Because people are more compelled to hear what you have to say through video, they are more likely to follow through with an action that ultimately leads to increased sales and conversions.

• Videos are a lot easier to digest than long website copies. They are the best way to engage audiences who may otherwise dismiss the information relayed to them by static means. This is because moving images combined with spoken word and sounds have the ability to provide more comprehensible information than any website copy does.

Product videos help you strengthen your brand and make you more recognizable in the eyes of your consumers. A strong brand is a major element of a strong, successful, and profitable online business.


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