Small Business Videos to Jump Start your Business

Animated videos enable small businesses to introduce its products or services to its target audience without investing too much money. Small businesses often have to compete with bigger brands using a limited marketing budget, but they can succeed and gain a competitive edge with high-quality promotional videos. Animated videos in particular can become powerful marketing tools in helping small businesses market their products, services, and brand.

Animated videos can help you promote your business online, too. They can jumpstart your viral video marketing campaign and boost click-through rates by up to 80-percent. Around 70-percent of people who watch animated promotional videos online consider sharing it to their friends via social media. With an entertaining and well-made cartoon, your content can go viral and your business can expand its reach much faster.

When combined with good search engine optimization, animated videos can help boost your search engine ranking by up to 60 percent. YouTube belongs to Google, so if your video is in that website (as well as in other video sharing sites like Dailymotion and Vimeo), you can increase your search engine profile. A high-quality animated promotional video can also entice more people to see your content.

Studies show that around 70 to 85 percent of people who watch animated promotional videos are likely to purchase a product or express further interest with what they have seen. This is because videos can deliver information in a more enticing way than text. People are more likely to remember things that they watch compared to what they read. An animated video can make a person stay 1.5 minutes longer on a website, too. This is a good chance for you to grab a viewer’s attention and express your message using a creative and entertaining mix of animated images and high-quality audio.


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