How Animated Marketing Video Can Change My Business

Animated promotional videos can help promote any business that wants an effective and cost effective marketing strategy. There are many ways by which an animated marketing video can change your business, from increasing its online exposure to complementing your branding efforts to boosting your sales. A good video can explain your business ideas in just a few seconds. Rather than forcing people to sit and pay attention to someone talking about your business, show them an animated video. A good video is more enthralling; it can hold their attention while entertaining them.

Animated marketing videos can explain your service or product in the first few seconds of a prospective client ‘meeting your brand’ for the first time. Post it on your website so that visitors who prefer to watch instead of read can know more about what you’re offering right away. Posting videos can be a good way to boost the online visibility of your business, too. Search engines like Google tend to notice websites that people tend spend more time in, ranking them higher for relevant keywords. When people stay longer on your website to watch your animated videos, you can rank better on Google and potentially attract more traffic and customers.

A well-produced animated marketing video can increase conversions and improve your ROI. IN fact, a colorful explainer video may increase your website conversion by an average of 20 percent. Customizing your animated marketing video lets you promote your brand in a non-conventional way. Instead of hiring actors and producing a live action commercial, you can work with a professional animated video production company and let them create unique characters and visuals for your marketing video.

An animated marketing video can be a cost effective alternative to live action videos. It can attract audiences of all ages while emphasizing the authenticity of your business. High-quality 2D and 3D animation will engage people and make them pay attention and remember more from your video.


Getting Started With Animated Product Videos

The Animation is a growing trend in business promotion because it can be an effective and reasonably priced way to tell people about a product or service and boost revenue. When produced properly, an animated product video can be an informative tool to explain products and concepts, guide customers, and improve awareness about a product to make it more recognizable. Animation can be used to target people from all age groups, and a well made animated product video will leave a long-lasting impression. Companies that specialize in animated videos can create an entertaining and informative product video for your business.

A reputable animated video production company typically uses a streamlined process to reduce their turnaround time. You will be involved in all stages of production, so you can be sure that the result is exactly to what you need to promote your product. In most cases, the video can be delivered to you in four to six weeks. Consider calling in for a free consultation to learn more about the company and what they can do for you.

The first step to producing an animated product video is research and the script, both of which are the most important to the project. Here, the video production company will take the time to understand your business and product, so they can create the right script for the video. An initial draft will be sent for your approval, or you can revise the script when needed.

The characters will be designed and sent for your approval, too. Once they are approved, the company will proceed to make the storyboard, which can give you a glimpse of how your final video will go. After your approval or after conducting revisions, the animators can finally bring your video to life.

Voice talents can give more life to your animated product video. Reputable animated video production companies have a talented pool of voice over artists that can cover a wide range of languages and accents. The modulation and intonation are based on your requirements, and the voice over will be recorded in a professional studio.

Get Better Corporate Presentation Video Results by Following 3 Simple Steps

Typical corporate meetings used to be mundane. Someone talks continuously while everybody quietly sits, listens, and takes down notes. Slide shows and PowerPoint presentations eventually became popular, and they made meetings a little more animated. But while they are still useful, they’ve become too common—and often boring. Videos are the newest best thing if you want to make an impact on your corporate presentation. To get the best results, you need to make sure that yours is professionally produced. Here are three simple steps to achieving better corporate presentation videos:

1. Find a professional video production company – Work with a video production company that understands your business and the stories and ideas that you want to share with your corporate audience. Explore their list of services to see if they do corporate presentation videos, and view their portfolio to see if they are good at what they do. Be sure to find out how the company works and consider professionals who work under a streamlined process to reduce their turnaround time and guarantee your complete involvement in all production stages.

2. Go for an animated corporate presentation video – Animated video presentations have a larger impact than typical PowerPoint presentations, as the images are presented in a more enthralling manner. Such videos can help participants in the meeting recall information better and more vividly, with the bonus of having enjoyed the show.

Be sure to hire a video production company that specializes in animation, so you can be sure that they have a team of talented animators and expert illustrators—and that your video can be finished within four to six weeks.

3. Get in touch with the video production company for a free consultation – This is a great way to learn more about the company and the process that will be involved in producing your animated corporate presentation video. Most companies can be reached online or by phone.

Common Misconceptions about 2D Animated Videos

There are plenty of misconceptions about 2D animated videos, and these mistaken beliefs usually revolve around the industry, how animation is done, the target audience. An animated video is a very effective method to use if you want to explain products, promote a business or cause, and share information. Going over the common misconceptions about 2D animated videos can help you understand what it can do for your business or organization. Here are five of them:

1. 2D animation is for kids – This is the most common misconception about animated videos. This is not true; in fact, many cartoons are targeted at adults or mature audiences, and they surprisingly have engaging plots, well-planned characterizations, and high-quality images, voice talents, and music. Hence, using 2D animated videos will not automatically make your company seem childish. In fact, it may even make your company more endearing to a wider range of audience.

2. The 2D animation is passé – 3D animation may seem trendier and more popular these days, but that does not mean you cannot use 2D animation any more. Many high-quality animated videos are produced in 2D, and professional animators still use traditional 2D animation methods.

3. 2D animated videos are expensive to produce – There are companies that can make 2D animation videos that are reasonably priced, making them popular with startups and SMEs. A professional animation company can plan, produce, draw, and produce high-quality animated shows and commercials at rates you can afford.

4. 2D animated videos take a long time to finish – This is not always true. When you work with a professional and experienced animated video production company. They can be delivered to you in four to six weeks.

5. 2D animated promotional videos are unbecoming of a well-established business – Big businesses and successful organizations still rely on this tried and tested animation method to promote causes, call people for action, share information and product demos, and shorten their time spent training their staff.

10 Things You Should Know Before Embarking on Sales Video Production

The value of online video marketing cannot be overstated. However, many things hold businesses back from embracing it fully, be it their lack of time, expertise, or their budget constraints. If you are one of those companies in the midst of an important decision point in your video marketing strategy, here are some things worth considering:

• The Budget shouldn’t be the only factor to consider in your decision. While some video production companies will make a serious dent in your marketing budget, others are well-adapted to the ever evolving landscape of the web video market. This means it is a lot easier to find a production firm willing to and able to accommodate your production needs within your budget.

• You never have to retain an in-house professional crew to help you produce meaningful videos that are mindful of your business’ unique needs. Production firms can provide you all the expertise you need for less.

• Always have a clear end goal and purpose for producing your video. This will serve as the driving force behind your production.

• Consider what you can afford or are willing to spend on the video. Production does cost, but this depends on the type of content you need. There are ways to keep your spending at the minimum.

• Communicate with your production team and seek professional help to know which type of video style will best work for your concept.

• Video scripts and storyboards are everything because they dictate the pace and direction of the entire production.

• Set the appropriate tone for the video. This can be one of the several things, ranging from humorous to formal, informative, personable, fast-paced, etc. consider your target audience when making this decision.

• Examine your contract and look for value added services at reasonable costs like multiple rounds of editing, video SEO, and hosting services.

• Know the formats you can expect the end product to be delivered in to make sure they are appropriate for your application.

• Finally, discuss all the details of the production right at the beginning of the process, whether you are recruiting a professional company or venturing to video production on your own.