Common Misconceptions about 2D Animated Videos

There are plenty of misconceptions about 2D animated videos, and these mistaken beliefs usually revolve around the industry, how animation is done, the target audience. An animated video is a very effective method to use if you want to explain products, promote a business or cause, and share information. Going over the common misconceptions about 2D animated videos can help you understand what it can do for your business or organization. Here are five of them:

1. 2D animation is for kids – This is the most common misconception about animated videos. This is not true; in fact, many cartoons are targeted at adults or mature audiences, and they surprisingly have engaging plots, well-planned characterizations, and high-quality images, voice talents, and music. Hence, using 2D animated videos will not automatically make your company seem childish. In fact, it may even make your company more endearing to a wider range of audience.

2. The 2D animation is passé – 3D animation may seem trendier and more popular these days, but that does not mean you cannot use 2D animation any more. Many high-quality animated videos are produced in 2D, and professional animators still use traditional 2D animation methods.

3. 2D animated videos are expensive to produce – There are companies that can make 2D animation videos that are reasonably priced, making them popular with startups and SMEs. A professional animation company can plan, produce, draw, and produce high-quality animated shows and commercials at rates you can afford.

4. 2D animated videos take a long time to finish – This is not always true. When you work with a professional and experienced animated video production company. They can be delivered to you in four to six weeks.

5. 2D animated promotional videos are unbecoming of a well-established business – Big businesses and successful organizations still rely on this tried and tested animation method to promote causes, call people for action, share information and product demos, and shorten their time spent training their staff.

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