Engage More Audience with Data Visualization Videos

It has always been said that a good sketch is better than a long speech. Being able to simplify what you want to say in a concise, cohesive manner is definitely better, especially in today’s world where data are of vast quantities and people have less and less time to analyze and make sense of the amount of information bombarding them daily. This is where data visualization is most useful.

Scour the market and you will find dozens of products and companies aiming to help businesses visually analyze data, effectively display interesting data sets, and even build your own data visualizations. Why is data visualization such an appealing concept? It all goes back to how people’s biological visual analyzers are designed. Data visualizations of all kind, from infographics to charts, videos, and other such types of visualizations work because humans’ visual system is excellently built for visual analysis.

Fundamentally, the eyes send huge amounts of data into the brain. Its optic nerves serve as huge pipes where data pass through in rapid succession. A study even estimates transmission speed of the optic nerve at an impressive 9Mb/sec. Once the information arrives at the brain, it is rapidly processed by a naturally sophisticated software (the brain), extremely well built to perform tasks like edge detection, pattern matching, and shape recognition. This is exactly why data visualization principles like pattern matching and visual presentation work.

Important messages in data are represented in patterns as well as violations of such. They are what’s interesting about data–and they are exactly what creates meaning. If you want to engage your audience better and help them make more sense of the different types of data you are trying to present, consider data visualization videos to aid you in your presentations. Data visualization videos help a ton in the audience’s decision making ability and at the same time increase their productivity, as they digest data more easily.

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