Changes in the Video Animation Industry

The online marketing landscape is steadily changing as marketers find and discover new and better ways to make their businesses known and put their brand and company names in front of audiences. Just a couple of years back, the market saw a great explosion in the use of online video for promotion and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down as even more companies adopt video animation as a major means to market their business.

YouTube, the largest video search engine in the world alone, attracts more than a billion unique viewers, spending an excess of 6 billion hours watching content. Currently, it is estimated that 45 percent of all internet users watch at least one online video in a given month. Sources even forecast that by 2016, 55 percent of all consumer internet traffic will account for online video (perhaps even more).

Video has such a draw because of its entertaining nature, and this is proving tremendously effective for businesses wishing to engage consumers more. Video animation might be the answer to your rising need to reach out to today’s hyper-connected, mobile, multi-tasking consumer base.

Much has changed in the video animation industry, particularly in the way graphic elements are designed, produced, and used. One of the strong points of video presentations is that they showcase a narrative and make use of a slew of elements that add to the final output’s impact on the viewer. However, this is also exactly what makes video hard and expensive to produce. With video animation, it is much easier to communicate a narrative and keep the visual appeal and quality of the final output consistent throughout the final product. The animation also saves a great deal of productions cost as it eliminates the need for traditional equipment, physical actors, and other typical elements that make up a complete production. While animations may cost, the investment will be quite worth it once you start reaping returns.


Cartoon Business Video and Their Applications

Every business is on a quest to boost market presence. Now that consumers are becoming increasingly online, a brand new extremely powerful segment has to be targeted in the form of web users who are exposed to all kinds of messages and internet distractions on a daily basis. The challenge now for modern marketers and business owners is to find an effective medium to engage consumers and compel them to do action in favor of the business. If you think your marketing campaign is missing a key ingredient for success, consider business cartoons and animated videos as part of your overall marketing scheme. Cartoon animation, explainer, and demo videos are powerful vehicles for promoting businesses, and explaining products and services to consumers.

Cartoon animations are short videos (usually 2 minutes in length) that can be used to build a brand, introduce business, or promote a product, or explain a service to audiences. These video shorts bring with them a great deal of marketing benefits as they are highly effective in attracting audience attention and keeping them engaged. Explainer video styles vary across the board, including those that use only graphics in motion, whiteboard drawings, and actual cartoon animations. A lot of marketers choose the latter because of their unique ability to stir emotion and represent audiences through characters and relatable stories/scenarios.

Cartoon animation brings about a certain nostalgia from way back an audience’s childhood years, making them feel at home with your message in the video. They are customizable to represent characters that customers can identify with or someone that audiences look up to. Characters can also be given the same problems that consumers face, thus creating more value for your business. Cartoon animation is also a flexible medium that can be used for either B2B or B2C purposes, making them the perfect choice for different sectors of business.

Benefits of Creating a Promotional Video for Business

Promotional videos should be a part of your marketing strategy if you want your business to be noticed and boost your brand. When produced creatively, videos can be better in delivering information and communicating a message to your target audience. The average consumer would prefer to watch rather than read lengthy texts and look at static photographs. This is why promotional videos are effective in telling a wide range of audiences what your business is about in entertaining and enthralling ways.

Skilled video production experts can create an interactive promotional video that can motivate and influence your audience to do something. Through this interactive approach, the video can instantly connect you with your audience to turn them into prospective customers and encourage them to buy your product or sign up for your service. Creatively combined elements of sound and visuals can have a memorable impact and a positive message in the minds of consumers.

Promotional videos can demonstrate and show off the product from all angles. They may demonstrate how the product looks and might feel like when held or used. Hence, the audience can have a better idea on how it works, and they can imagine themselves with it. This makes promotional videos effective when you are launching a product or elaborates on the benefits of an existing product.

Some types of promotional videos cost effective than traditional TV commercials. An animated website video is not as costly as it may seem, and if a professional production company does it, then you can expect it to be delivered in about four to six weeks. An animated promotional video can be made to suit your budget while making sure that its storyline, voices, sound, and information are based on your goals and your requirements. If you place it in your website, the video can help generate more traffic, increase conversions, and improve your search engine ranking, too.

Animated Whiteboard Video: A Great, Modern Marketing Technique

An animated whiteboard video can boost your marketing campaign as it effectively targets customers to attract them to your product or service. Explainer and promotional videos can be produced as a short whiteboard animated video that can enthrall and entertain the audience with doodles and scribbles. It may sound like low-quality animation at first, but reputable video animation production companies have the tools to make it look better, smoother, entertaining, and informative to make it effective for your marketing campaign.

Whiteboard video animation is typically short. They are made with the latest technological innovations and high-quality voiceovers to make them more attractive to any viewer. Due to these developments, whiteboard animation has gained a following and became one of the trendiest and nevertheless effective modern marketing techniques for a wide range of businesses. Hence, it does not matter whether you are a small start-up or an established and continuously growing business. You can rely on animated whiteboard video animation to share your ideas, communicate a message, and promote your products or services using simple graphics and thoughtful messages.

It is fun to watch a professionally made whiteboard animation, making them helpful in sharing and communicating information during promotional and media events. It is for this reason that this type of video is a great way to showcase ideas during seminars and conferences, too. A great script, high-quality voices, and appropriate and catchy background music make animated whiteboard videos more noticeable and enticing to watch.

Whiteboard videos are easier to make, too, so you can count on a reputable animated video production firm to deliver the final product to you in four to six weeks. Set a meeting with a good animation company to discuss your message and how you want it to be relayed to your target audience, and you can be involved in the creation of a high-quality one-minute whiteboard animation video.

Animated Website Video: Creates Instant Connection with the Target Audience

Web videos can be effective in promoting your brand and making your business more recognizable. They are more attractive to the average viewer due to the moving pictures, catchy sound effects and background music, and the voices. Static images and walls of text can make your website look and feel dull, but adding an animated website video can provide more variety to what your target audience can expect from it. Animated videos are vibrant and take on a more interactive approach to sharing and promoting your message, so you can instantly connect with your target audience.

A unique and creatively produced animated website video can motivate and influence your customers more effectively than what text and static promotional pictures can. Moving pictures and colorful art combined with words, music, sounds, and enthralling voices work together to instill a positive image into your customer’s minds to effectively promote your message. An animated website video can be an effective means to demonstrate or showcase a new product and explain the benefits of a service, so your customers can understand them better. Moreover, it is faster to explain a product through an animated video than when you ask the viewer to read something.

An animated website video can deliver your message in about 30 seconds, just like TV advertisements. Professional animated video production companies have the experience, technology, skills, and talents to make a high-quality website video for your business. To do this, they seek to understand your specific requirements, target audience, and your purpose for making a video. This way, they can plan accordingly, involve you in the production stages, and deliver the finished product within four to six weeks.

Web videos can boost the traffic to your website and increase conversions. Professional animated video production agencies know and understand how search engines work, so they tag and describe videos properly, and they make sure that the title is appropriate. This way, your video can be searched and can lead more people to your website.