Changes in the Video Animation Industry

The online marketing landscape is steadily changing as marketers find and discover new and better ways to make their businesses known and put their brand and company names in front of audiences. Just a couple of years back, the market saw a great explosion in the use of online video for promotion and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down as even more companies adopt video animation as a major means to market their business.

YouTube, the largest video search engine in the world alone, attracts more than a billion unique viewers, spending an excess of 6 billion hours watching content. Currently, it is estimated that 45 percent of all internet users watch at least one online video in a given month. Sources even forecast that by 2016, 55 percent of all consumer internet traffic will account for online video (perhaps even more).

Video has such a draw because of its entertaining nature, and this is proving tremendously effective for businesses wishing to engage consumers more. Video animation might be the answer to your rising need to reach out to today’s hyper-connected, mobile, multi-tasking consumer base.

Much has changed in the video animation industry, particularly in the way graphic elements are designed, produced, and used. One of the strong points of video presentations is that they showcase a narrative and make use of a slew of elements that add to the final output’s impact on the viewer. However, this is also exactly what makes video hard and expensive to produce. With video animation, it is much easier to communicate a narrative and keep the visual appeal and quality of the final output consistent throughout the final product. The animation also saves a great deal of productions cost as it eliminates the need for traditional equipment, physical actors, and other typical elements that make up a complete production. While animations may cost, the investment will be quite worth it once you start reaping returns.

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