Why Whiteboard Video is the Perfect Tool for Explaining a Complex Concept

There’s no doubt that whiteboard animations are fun to watch. But this unique medium isn’t just for entertainment value—in fact, when used properly, whiteboard animation style videos can deliver information, explain complex concepts, and even close a sale much more effectively than other types of marketing materials. Below are just a few of the many things you can do with a whiteboard video.

1. Make it your homepage.
Is your home page still filled with blocks of text describing your products and services? Perhaps it’s time you replace those with an engaging whiteboard animation that shares the same information in a livelier, more entertaining manner. A short (60 seconds) whiteboard video that tells your company story or explains what you do can potentially increase conversions.

2. Use it in place of whitepapers.
Highly technical information and complex concepts can be shared in a more engaging whiteboard scribing format. Those boring statistics and rows of numbers can be turned into an appealing “whiteboarding whitepaper” that people will want to watch.

3. Add it to your training library.
Are you thinking of posting tutorial videos and similar training resources on your websites? Don’t go the ‘dull and uninspiring’ route. A whiteboard video is much easier to understand because it combines written text with voice and movement.

4. Replace your information graphic.
The digital marketing world is inundated by infographics (graphically-oriented images that visualize complex data). While they are useful for attracting new visitors, they are still static—that is, they leave people on their own to interpret what they are looking at. If you want to have full control of how your message is interpreted, whiteboard animation is the way to go.

5. Use it in sales.
Whiteboard animation videos are very effective in delivering sales messages. They can go where your sales team can’t. Whiteboard videos are distributed digitally, so you can send them to potential clients all around the globe.

If you are interested in creating a whiteboard video to promote your company or brand, talk to a professional video production company. It’s often more cost-effective to hire professionals to bring your vision to life than to try and do everything yourself.

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