Techniques Implemented in Animated Corporate Video Production

Animated corporate videos are a creative and unique way to present your ideas and concepts to your colleagues and shareholders. Once you decide to use animation for your corporate video presentation, you need to find a reputable and experienced video production company that specializes in animation. There are different techniques that a company can use when making an animated corporate video. Here are some them:

1.    Whiteboard animation – This technique uses stop motion animation and advanced animation methods on a whiteboard or dry-erase board. Whiteboard animation may be a great way to promote a B2B business because it provides a clear and professional way to explain. The graphics are clean and crisp without looking amateur and too cartoony, so you can still maintain a respectable and professional image.

2.    Motion graphics – This method could encompass simplistic graphics that can be animated to deliver a message. It may use a variety of graphic designs and combinations to communicate the message and tell a story, or utilize simple moving graphics with compelling audio.

3.    2D and 3D animation – These techniques utilize characters to deliver a message through a story and take the viewer through the process. 2D animation is more traditional and simplistic, but great character design, voice over, sound effects, and a well-written script can make it work. 3D animation presents characters and products in a three-dimensional and in a more realistic way.

4.    Presenter – This can be made using the other animation techniques mentioned above, but with a character or an actor that is talking to the viewer about the service or product. This way, you are able to make your corporate video more enthralling to watch when there is a character your viewer can relate to. Presenters may be a more aggressive way to promote something, and hiring an actor may be too costly for it, so you may consider an animated presenter instead.


Contemporary Way of Business Promotion – Animated Videos for Business

Videos are vital to any marketing strategy that is aiming to promote a brand in a more attractive way. Your target customers are likely to watch your promotional videos because they do not have to exert much effort in doing so. At the same time, the viewers are being entertained, and your message can be subconsciously or directly delivered to them. A well-crafted animated promotional video can help explain your business to viewers through a more enthralling presentation. After all, who does not like or enjoy watching cartoons?

It is easier to watch a video than read an advertorial or a promotional message. Moreover, it can be cost effective and faster to produce an animated promotional video than to film a live action commercial. There are reputable and experienced animated video production companies that use a streamlined process to lessen their turnaround time and deliver the finished product to you in four to six weeks. An animated promotional video can be 10 to 15 seconds short, but it can already contain a lot of important information, which your viewers are more likely to remember.

You can use the video to brand your business, too. In this case, the images must be made in a way that will make your viewers associate them with your brand. Video can be a powerful marketing tool, especially when it is combined with other marketing and promotional strategies like search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Presenting your promotional message in a memorable and enjoyable way lets you leave a more effective and lasting impression and be able to establish a more personal relationship with your viewer. HP’s study on visual communication revealed that people are 50 percent more likely to retain the information when it is shown in both an audio and visual format, as in the case of animated videos. Moreover, animation easily appeals to everyone’s inner child. There is something about the moving pictures, unique imagery, and sounds that will always keep us attracted and glued to the animated video that we are watching.

Technical Graphics for Business Marketing – Data Visualization Video

Videos can generate more interest in what you have to offer, making them crucial to every marketing strategy. Without a video, you could be missing out on the attention your business deserves. One of the ways that you can effectively market your business with an enthralling visual presentation is through a data visualization video. This can be handy when presenting data to shareholders, corporate clients, and potential customers. Data visualization is appealing and will make your business more desirable. Moreover, it helps viewers understand the benefits of your product or service and realize why they need your business in their lives.

The appeal of data visualization videos have something to do with our brain. Our eyes are designed to capable of analyzing visual data, but too much of that data can be overwhelming, resulting in the inability to recall the most important information. If data looks the same and becomes redundant, our brain is likely to treat it as a single concept, causing you to miss out on certain things. For this reason, data visualization videos improve the way our brain can process the information we see. Hence, our brain can easily detect and recognize the differences in the information and create a more effective pattern, which can help in recalling information.

Visualizations provide access to actionable insight, which is crucial to making informed buying decisions. And with an animated data visualization video, you can easily present important information to the viewer and make sure that they can pick up information, which will ultimately encourage them to support your business. Data visualization videos can be made using animated infographics and whiteboard animation. This way, you are able to entertain your viewers while ensuring that they can easily remember what they have seen and heard.

Once you have decided that data visualization videos can help market your business, find a reputable animated video production house that specializes in marketing videos. You want an agency that can uses a streamlined process and deliver your video in just a few weeks.

Challenging Way of Business Promotion – Social Media Video Production

If you are thinking of sharing short videos as a social marketing method, then you are on the right track. Social media video production is not only for big brands with even bigger budgets. In fact, there are video production agencies specializing in serving the needs of smaller businesses in particular. So why wait? For a low cost, you can start taking advantage of social media video marketing and give your brand more reach.

The great thing about short videos is that they are very easy to share besides YouTube. Short-form videos can be streamed on a range of formats and on many social media platforms. You can post 6-second videos on Vine, 15-second videos (called InstaVids) on Instagram, 3-minute short videos on Facebook, and even ‘news feed videos’ on your Google+ network. LinkedIn also released video features via its Professional Portfolio. Do you use Pinterest to promote products and services? Then you will be happy to know that you can ‘pin’ videos on this platform.

Some of the best social media videos are useful and informative, showing people how to do something. Why not show your social media followers how they can solve a challenge or problem by using your product? This is one of the most effective ways to jump into the world of short video content. For example, if you are in the healthy food business, you can easily attract thousands of new fans on Facebook and Instagram by using short video snapshots showing step-by-step instructions on putting together an easy, wholesome meal. Such quick social media videos can drive traffic to your site if you add a link to the description.

Why are short videos so popular on social media? The trend can be caused by the fact that these videos are snack-sized and easy to digest. They suit the busy lives and brief attention spans of your target market. Consumers these days tend to consume content quickly and via mobile devices. If you want to grab the attention of people who are on the go, then it’s time you produced shorter social media videos.

Arresting Business Presentations with 3D Demo Videos

Show and don’t sell. This is exactly how you can make 3D videos more effective as a business presentation tool, it is what consultative selling is all about. While the concept of consultative selling has been around for decades, it is only over the past years that it has entered the mainstream, thanks in large part to the internet, empowering consumers to be more information-savvy as they make decisions about products and services they purchase. As a result, businesses have to make the conscious effort to answer comprehensively their prospective customers’ potential questions about a product and ensure that their presentations meet the audience’s needs. This now plays an essential part in closing a sale.

Demonstration videos are highly useful in showcasing products and even product concepts to prospective customers, business partners, and existing captive audiences. They have the power to take someone who is unfamiliar with the concept of your product on a comprehensive walk through of what it is all about and how it works so that they can have all the information they need to make a solid buying decision.

3D demonstration videos are valuable additions to your marketing strategy as they provide proof that a particular product or service does what it says it can. With consumers becoming increasingly skeptical of marketing claims, these kinds of videos put you several steps ahead because while your target audiences may have reservations about being marketed to, they still want concrete solutions that will help them solve their problems, meet their needs, and achieve their desired ends/outcomes. Product demos provide a live presentation of the product, helping them see how it can solve their problems, with the added bonus of walking them through the step by step process of how to do so. By showing consumers how a product works through this process, the can see themselves using the product even by just looking.