Challenging Way of Business Promotion – Social Media Video Production

If you are thinking of sharing short videos as a social marketing method, then you are on the right track. Social media video production is not only for big brands with even bigger budgets. In fact, there are video production agencies specializing in serving the needs of smaller businesses in particular. So why wait? For a low cost, you can start taking advantage of social media video marketing and give your brand more reach.

The great thing about short videos is that they are very easy to share besides YouTube. Short-form videos can be streamed on a range of formats and on many social media platforms. You can post 6-second videos on Vine, 15-second videos (called InstaVids) on Instagram, 3-minute short videos on Facebook, and even ‘news feed videos’ on your Google+ network. LinkedIn also released video features via its Professional Portfolio. Do you use Pinterest to promote products and services? Then you will be happy to know that you can ‘pin’ videos on this platform.

Some of the best social media videos are useful and informative, showing people how to do something. Why not show your social media followers how they can solve a challenge or problem by using your product? This is one of the most effective ways to jump into the world of short video content. For example, if you are in the healthy food business, you can easily attract thousands of new fans on Facebook and Instagram by using short video snapshots showing step-by-step instructions on putting together an easy, wholesome meal. Such quick social media videos can drive traffic to your site if you add a link to the description.

Why are short videos so popular on social media? The trend can be caused by the fact that these videos are snack-sized and easy to digest. They suit the busy lives and brief attention spans of your target market. Consumers these days tend to consume content quickly and via mobile devices. If you want to grab the attention of people who are on the go, then it’s time you produced shorter social media videos.

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