Techniques Implemented in Animated Corporate Video Production

Animated corporate videos are a creative and unique way to present your ideas and concepts to your colleagues and shareholders. Once you decide to use animation for your corporate video presentation, you need to find a reputable and experienced video production company that specializes in animation. There are different techniques that a company can use when making an animated corporate video. Here are some them:

1.    Whiteboard animation – This technique uses stop motion animation and advanced animation methods on a whiteboard or dry-erase board. Whiteboard animation may be a great way to promote a B2B business because it provides a clear and professional way to explain. The graphics are clean and crisp without looking amateur and too cartoony, so you can still maintain a respectable and professional image.

2.    Motion graphics – This method could encompass simplistic graphics that can be animated to deliver a message. It may use a variety of graphic designs and combinations to communicate the message and tell a story, or utilize simple moving graphics with compelling audio.

3.    2D and 3D animation – These techniques utilize characters to deliver a message through a story and take the viewer through the process. 2D animation is more traditional and simplistic, but great character design, voice over, sound effects, and a well-written script can make it work. 3D animation presents characters and products in a three-dimensional and in a more realistic way.

4.    Presenter – This can be made using the other animation techniques mentioned above, but with a character or an actor that is talking to the viewer about the service or product. This way, you are able to make your corporate video more enthralling to watch when there is a character your viewer can relate to. Presenters may be a more aggressive way to promote something, and hiring an actor may be too costly for it, so you may consider an animated presenter instead.


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