Challenging Way of Business Promotion – Social Media Video Production

If you are thinking of sharing short videos as a social marketing method, then you are on the right track. Social media video production is not only for big brands with even bigger budgets. In fact, there are video production agencies specializing in serving the needs of smaller businesses in particular. So why wait? For a low cost, you can start taking advantage of social media video marketing and give your brand more reach.

The great thing about short videos is that they are very easy to share besides YouTube. Short-form videos can be streamed on a range of formats and on many social media platforms. You can post 6-second videos on Vine, 15-second videos (called InstaVids) on Instagram, 3-minute short videos on Facebook, and even ‘news feed videos’ on your Google+ network. LinkedIn also released video features via its Professional Portfolio. Do you use Pinterest to promote products and services? Then you will be happy to know that you can ‘pin’ videos on this platform.

Some of the best social media videos are useful and informative, showing people how to do something. Why not show your social media followers how they can solve a challenge or problem by using your product? This is one of the most effective ways to jump into the world of short video content. For example, if you are in the healthy food business, you can easily attract thousands of new fans on Facebook and Instagram by using short video snapshots showing step-by-step instructions on putting together an easy, wholesome meal. Such quick social media videos can drive traffic to your site if you add a link to the description.

Why are short videos so popular on social media? The trend can be caused by the fact that these videos are snack-sized and easy to digest. They suit the busy lives and brief attention spans of your target market. Consumers these days tend to consume content quickly and via mobile devices. If you want to grab the attention of people who are on the go, then it’s time you produced shorter social media videos.


Arresting Business Presentations with 3D Demo Videos

Show and don’t sell. This is exactly how you can make 3D videos more effective as a business presentation tool, it is what consultative selling is all about. While the concept of consultative selling has been around for decades, it is only over the past years that it has entered the mainstream, thanks in large part to the internet, empowering consumers to be more information-savvy as they make decisions about products and services they purchase. As a result, businesses have to make the conscious effort to answer comprehensively their prospective customers’ potential questions about a product and ensure that their presentations meet the audience’s needs. This now plays an essential part in closing a sale.

Demonstration videos are highly useful in showcasing products and even product concepts to prospective customers, business partners, and existing captive audiences. They have the power to take someone who is unfamiliar with the concept of your product on a comprehensive walk through of what it is all about and how it works so that they can have all the information they need to make a solid buying decision.

3D demonstration videos are valuable additions to your marketing strategy as they provide proof that a particular product or service does what it says it can. With consumers becoming increasingly skeptical of marketing claims, these kinds of videos put you several steps ahead because while your target audiences may have reservations about being marketed to, they still want concrete solutions that will help them solve their problems, meet their needs, and achieve their desired ends/outcomes. Product demos provide a live presentation of the product, helping them see how it can solve their problems, with the added bonus of walking them through the step by step process of how to do so. By showing consumers how a product works through this process, the can see themselves using the product even by just looking.

How to Create a Promotional Video

A well-made promotional video can bring your brand and your message to life. Whether you’re planning on taking the DIY route or want to hire a video production company to take care of everything, you have to know basics of creating a promotional video that can truly go a long way. Here are some tips:

1. Make it multipurpose.
To get the most bang for your buck, design a multipurpose video that you can show to many different types of audiences. You want something that—aside from serving as a web commercial — can also be used to kick off a big investor meeting and can be shown to new recruits on their first day at work. A multipurpose promotional video will give you a bigger return on your investment.

2. Develop a strong concept.
A professional video production company can sit down with you and hash out ideas, but you can also do some of the brainstorming yourself. Watch promotional videos on the web and take note of the ones that appeal to you. You can’t copy those videos, of course, but you can use them as inspiration to create something unique and fresh.

3. Make it short and sweet.
A 15-minute video can easily feel like an eternity. Try to get your point across in as short a time as possible. Instead of aiming for a long promotional video, go for a two- to five-minute one with higher production value for maximum impact.

4. Edit the script for succinctness.
And whatever you do, do not use the text on your brochure as your video script. Even if it looks good on paper, it may sound dull or stilted in a video. Take time to create a script from scratch and then sit down with a core feedback group and read it out loud. Have it tweaked by a professional scriptwriter.

Producing a promotional video can be fun and truly worthwhile. Hire a professional video production team for best results. Choose a company that you feel comfortable working together with to create your vision.

Different Ways for Business Marketing – Animated Marketing Video

In today’s fast-paced world, people can become overwhelmed with promotional text, online ads, emails, and social media posts. As a smart business owner and marketer, you need to think of ways to make potential clients notice what you have to offer. One of the best things to do is to use an animated marketing video, which can entertain and inform people while enticing them to become more interested in your products and services. The animation is a creative and effective way to present information without bombarding your target audience with a lot of texts and clicked ads.

An animated marketing video focuses on clever scripts and a strategic means to present ideas and deliver information. Viral animated videos have a strong message together with colorful and dynamic graphics to enhance brand recognition. Hence, they are extremely enthralling, in high demand, and are likely to get your business noticed online. When posted on YouTube, the video is likely to be seen by more people.

Business marketing through animated videos is a brilliant way to help your audience remember the name of your company. This strategy leaves a lasting impression and can even make your business seem more reputable. There are many to use animated marketing videos to promote your business. Apart from the usual explainer video or commercial, an animated marketing video can express a message of gratitude to loyal customers, inspire the audience, or entertain them.

High-quality graphics and visual effects—combined with appropriate background music and voice talent—will make an animated marketing video interesting, captivating, and more fun to watch. Be sure to work with a reputable animated video production company that understands the benefits of animation in promoting a business. This way, you can be sure that the video will be made with your marketing goals in mind.

Corporate Video Production Companies – A Different Way of Business Marketing

A corporate video can be an effective and efficient marketing tool for your business. Videos have the potential to deliver more information in a few seconds or less than five minutes. They can appeal to the emotions and senses of your target audience through enthralling visuals and sound. Best of all, you can show them again and again—during meetings, employee training sessions, and on your website. Corporate video production companies can help you create a unique video, which you can use to communicate your ideas and message in a more effective, entertaining, and concise manner.

A reputable corporate video production company tends to work using a streamlined process, which can reduce their turnaround time. They also ensure your involvement in all stages of production. This way, you can be sure that the video will be produced to help fulfill your business and marketing goals, and that the finished product will be delivered to you within a few weeks. An animated corporate video, for instance, can be finished in four to six weeks.

Corporate videos can market your business in various ways. They can be used to present a new product or service at the start of the buying cycle. A corporate video should be able to communicate clearly how a service or a product can solve a specific problem that a customer might be experiencing. It should help customers discern and understand the benefits of your services and products and set your business apart from your competitor.

Working with a reputable corporate video production company will help you demonstrate your product effectively. The video can highlight the product’s features and show how it works. Animated videos are perfect for business marketing because they keep the presentation lively, enthralling, and fun to watch. This way, you can be sure that your message will be understood, appreciated, and remembered by the viewers.

Corporate Promotional Video – A Great Source of Business Presentation

Corporate presentations do not have to be boring when you have an entertaining and enthralling video to show to your colleagues and potential clients. Corporate promotional videos can make your business presentation more meaningful and effective. They can be a good way to promote effectively your brand and tell people about your products and services. A corporate promotional video can be more effective in delivering a message or communicating an idea because it is able to condense everything in one show—and the only thing your audience has to do is watch.

People want information, but they want to get it fast. Most of them lack the patience to sit still and read a lot of texts. A corporate promotional video can tell your audience everything they need to know in two to three minutes. Your audience is likely to remember more important points from the video because the information is creatively delivered and accompanied by good voice talents, colorful moving visuals, and attractive characters. This way, a corporate promotional video can help you in communicating a more memorable and effective message to encourage your audience to do as they are told—such as to buy or support your product or invest in it.

A professionally made corporate promotional video will help make your business presentation more successful. Find a video production company that specializes in creating corporate and promotional videos, in particular, so you can be sure that you are working with professionals who understand your needs. A good video production company follows a streamlined process to minimize their turnaround time while ensuring their client’s complete involvement on all stages of production. This way, you can be sure that the video will be made according to your needs, and that it can be ready in about four to six weeks.

Animated corporate promotional videos are cost effective to produce. They communicate creative and unique ideas and appeal to a wider range of audiences. They can enable you to set your ideas apart from others while ensuring an engaging, educational, and convincing presentation that will impress your bosses, colleagues, and stakeholders.

Tips to Boost Your Business Promotion – Use Custom Animated Video

Promoting a business is never easy because you need to make sure that the marketing methods you use can set you apart from your competition. That said, there are ways to boost your brand and promote your business in a creative way. Why not try a custom animated video? Take a look at how a custom animated video can boost your promotional and marketing campaigns:

1. An animated explainer video can get you closer to your customers. Most customers are likely to support a brand or a business if it is something they can relate to. Creatively designed characters, high-quality animation, and sound, and a good message will endear your brand to your target audience. They can encourage empathy and make your audience feel increasingly engaged with what you have to offer.

2. Colorful and dynamic images can help boost your brand. Branding aims to create a unique image and name for your product in the minds of the consumer through a consistently themed advertising campaign. A custom animated video can easily incorporate the colors and logo of your brand to make your audience understand what sets your company apart from others. Researchers discovered that color can drive 90 percent of impulsive judgments about a product. Keep the colors consistent and uniform throughout your animated video, so viewers can eventually associate those hues with your business.

3. The video can boost your online visibility – Animated marketing videos can go together with a well-planned SEO strategy to boost your search engine ranking and online presence. Explainer videos will boost your website’s average visit time by up to two minutes. And if the video is available on YouTube, it can help in further boosting your search engine rank and online visibility, too.

Remember to work with a skilled and professional animated video production company if you want to create a high-quality animated promotional material for your business. Reputable animation companies will involve you throughout the production process.

Why Whiteboard Video is the Perfect Tool for Explaining a Complex Concept

There’s no doubt that whiteboard animations are fun to watch. But this unique medium isn’t just for entertainment value—in fact, when used properly, whiteboard animation style videos can deliver information, explain complex concepts, and even close a sale much more effectively than other types of marketing materials. Below are just a few of the many things you can do with a whiteboard video.

1. Make it your homepage.
Is your home page still filled with blocks of text describing your products and services? Perhaps it’s time you replace those with an engaging whiteboard animation that shares the same information in a livelier, more entertaining manner. A short (60 seconds) whiteboard video that tells your company story or explains what you do can potentially increase conversions.

2. Use it in place of whitepapers.
Highly technical information and complex concepts can be shared in a more engaging whiteboard scribing format. Those boring statistics and rows of numbers can be turned into an appealing “whiteboarding whitepaper” that people will want to watch.

3. Add it to your training library.
Are you thinking of posting tutorial videos and similar training resources on your websites? Don’t go the ‘dull and uninspiring’ route. A whiteboard video is much easier to understand because it combines written text with voice and movement.

4. Replace your information graphic.
The digital marketing world is inundated by infographics (graphically-oriented images that visualize complex data). While they are useful for attracting new visitors, they are still static—that is, they leave people on their own to interpret what they are looking at. If you want to have full control of how your message is interpreted, whiteboard animation is the way to go.

5. Use it in sales.
Whiteboard animation videos are very effective in delivering sales messages. They can go where your sales team can’t. Whiteboard videos are distributed digitally, so you can send them to potential clients all around the globe.

If you are interested in creating a whiteboard video to promote your company or brand, talk to a professional video production company. It’s often more cost-effective to hire professionals to bring your vision to life than to try and do everything yourself.

Changes in the Video Animation Industry

The online marketing landscape is steadily changing as marketers find and discover new and better ways to make their businesses known and put their brand and company names in front of audiences. Just a couple of years back, the market saw a great explosion in the use of online video for promotion and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down as even more companies adopt video animation as a major means to market their business.

YouTube, the largest video search engine in the world alone, attracts more than a billion unique viewers, spending an excess of 6 billion hours watching content. Currently, it is estimated that 45 percent of all internet users watch at least one online video in a given month. Sources even forecast that by 2016, 55 percent of all consumer internet traffic will account for online video (perhaps even more).

Video has such a draw because of its entertaining nature, and this is proving tremendously effective for businesses wishing to engage consumers more. Video animation might be the answer to your rising need to reach out to today’s hyper-connected, mobile, multi-tasking consumer base.

Much has changed in the video animation industry, particularly in the way graphic elements are designed, produced, and used. One of the strong points of video presentations is that they showcase a narrative and make use of a slew of elements that add to the final output’s impact on the viewer. However, this is also exactly what makes video hard and expensive to produce. With video animation, it is much easier to communicate a narrative and keep the visual appeal and quality of the final output consistent throughout the final product. The animation also saves a great deal of productions cost as it eliminates the need for traditional equipment, physical actors, and other typical elements that make up a complete production. While animations may cost, the investment will be quite worth it once you start reaping returns.

Cartoon Business Video and Their Applications

Every business is on a quest to boost market presence. Now that consumers are becoming increasingly online, a brand new extremely powerful segment has to be targeted in the form of web users who are exposed to all kinds of messages and internet distractions on a daily basis. The challenge now for modern marketers and business owners is to find an effective medium to engage consumers and compel them to do action in favor of the business. If you think your marketing campaign is missing a key ingredient for success, consider business cartoons and animated videos as part of your overall marketing scheme. Cartoon animation, explainer, and demo videos are powerful vehicles for promoting businesses, and explaining products and services to consumers.

Cartoon animations are short videos (usually 2 minutes in length) that can be used to build a brand, introduce business, or promote a product, or explain a service to audiences. These video shorts bring with them a great deal of marketing benefits as they are highly effective in attracting audience attention and keeping them engaged. Explainer video styles vary across the board, including those that use only graphics in motion, whiteboard drawings, and actual cartoon animations. A lot of marketers choose the latter because of their unique ability to stir emotion and represent audiences through characters and relatable stories/scenarios.

Cartoon animation brings about a certain nostalgia from way back an audience’s childhood years, making them feel at home with your message in the video. They are customizable to represent characters that customers can identify with or someone that audiences look up to. Characters can also be given the same problems that consumers face, thus creating more value for your business. Cartoon animation is also a flexible medium that can be used for either B2B or B2C purposes, making them the perfect choice for different sectors of business.